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Why Choose reusable Surgical Products? For each one of a reusable surgical gown life cycle, the equivalent disposable product would generate 300+ pieces of landfill.

Lac-Mac has chosen to be and we remain a pure play Reusable supplier.

We believe Reusables are the BEST choice for Operating Room Gowns and Drapes which offer superior protection for the Surgical Team, Patient and our Environment. We are committed to providing the Health Care Market with Reusable textile products.
In addition to the tremendous environmental benefits Reusables provide, they also offer significant cost savings when compared to single-use programs. Detailed cost studies have proven that a single-use program will cost nearly double that of a Reusable program. An accurate cost study should consider all related costs associated with both programs.

waste disposal landfill

Disposable products are discarded after only one use producing a tremendous volume of medical waste.
Studies have shown that the length of time for polyethylene (a component of single-use barrier products) to decompose can be as long as 400 years. How do they know? Scientists often use Respirometry testing to determine long-term estimates of decomposition. Various solid waste samples are placed in a vessel containing microbe-rich compost, and then the mixture is aerated. Over the course of several days, microorganisms assimilate the samples bit by bit and produce carbon dioxide; the resultant CO2 levels are an indicator of degradation.

Respirometry tests work perfectly on other test samples but when scientists test polyethylene products, nothing happens.
There is no CO2 production and no decomposition. Why? Because the Microbes do not recognize polyethylene as a food source and therefore they do not participate in breaking down this component. New sources site a 500 year estimate while others 1,000 year lifespan.
According to experts, these figures are just another way of saying they will be there for a really, really long time.


  • Greening the Operating Room

    Look for our 'Smart Start' symbol, a guide to products which are a simple transition towards Greening the Operating Room. These products can easily and effectively be converted from high-cost, waste generating single-use, to cost-effective, enviromentally preferred, REUSABLE.

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