Chemical Protective Garments




    What is NFPA 1992? This standard provides requirements for protection for emergency responders against adverse liquid- splash environments during hazardous materials emergency incidents.

    What does NFPA 1992 address? Provisions specify design, performance, certification, and documentation requirements; test methods for new liquid splash-protective ensembles and liquid splash-protective clothing. Additional optional criteria for escape protection only from chemical flash fires encountered during hazardous materials incidents are also provided.

  • ASTM F2302

    Standard Performance Specification for Labeling Protective Clothing as Heat and Flame Resistant.
  • ASTM F1891

    Standard Specification for Arc and Flame Resistant Rainwear.
  • ANSI/ISEA 107

    ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 provides performance requirements for conspicuous materials to be used in HVSA and specifies minimum amounts of background, retroreflective and combined-performance materials, colors and placement of materials for garments, supplemental items and accessory items used to enhance the visibility and safety of workers. The 2015 edition continues to present three performance classes of garments based on the amount of visible materials and design attributes incorporated into the final configuration and now identifies garment types based on expected use settings and work activities being performed. These are designated as off-road (type O), roadway and temporary traffic control (type R), or public safety activities (type P).
  • CSA Z-96

    Z96-15 - High-visibility safety apparel: In working environments where lighting can range from well illuminated to low-light or dark, visibility of the worker can mean the difference between safety and workplace injuries, even fatalities. The third edition of CSA Z96 High-Visibility Safety Apparel focuses on the performance of retroreflective and background materials and their visibility under both well illuminated and darker working environments. It incorporates advice on selection, use, and care of high-visibility safety material and includes recommendations for hazard assessments.
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    LAC-MAC offers a comprehensive wear trial program allowing your company to do its own testing and evaluation of our Chemical Protective Garments. You must complete the Wear Trial Request Form to be eligible.

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