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Eyerest™ Green - Lac-Mac Responds to a Critical Need

The EYEREST Green colour either alone or in combination with blood produces a muted, minimally distracting, visual stimulus on a visually soothing background.

Essentially EYEREST Green provides the surgeon and surgical staff with dramatically improved visual sharpness within the surgical site. Lac-Mac's introduction of EYEREST Green into operating rooms dramatically improved surgical safety and remains one of the most widely recognized colours in operating room theatres today.

Studies conducted in the 1920's and later research findings of Faber Birren a leading colour theorist were carried out in part to help reduce glare and improve the vision of surgeons.
Most significantly, bright colours were found to tire the eyes after prolonged concentration and to create disturbing afterimages. These afterimages in the surgical field created greater risk to the patient. Additionally, brightness and vividness of colour were found to arouse autonomic functions, blood pressure, heart, and respiration rate and tended to direct attention away from the area of concentration outward toward the source of stimulation.

EYEREST Green is a trademark of Lac-Mac Limited.
Lac-Mac developed and introduced EYEREST Green into the operating room in the 1940's when white surgical drapes, gowns and scrubs were most commonly in use. EYEREST Green was Lac-Mac's solution to create a colour that most exactly compliments the colour of human blood, thereby eliminating the disturbing afterimages within the surgical site. 


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