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The most important consideration when selecting any rainwear product of course is 'will it keep me dry?'

A quality, high-performance laminate, such as GORE-TEX it's the ePTFE membrane that delivers inherent liquid-proof properties.

Additionally, as a licensed manufacturer of products made with GORE-TEX, our garments are rigorously rain-chamber tested ensuring waterproofness under the most extreme weather conditions.
GORE-TEX liquid-proof laminate fabrics are engineered to repel nonstop precipitation. Coated fabrics such as PU or PVC rainwear may offer initial waterproofness, but their inferior product designs, welded seams and non-durable exterior fabrics can result in product failure early on. Water-resistant products may withstand light precipitation but will not protect from a drenching rain. Garments which are water-resistant are not suitable as rainwear due to their limitations in protecting from inclement weather. Our performance technical rainwear garments are built to deliver on performance, and to outlast competitive rainwear, with seams which are expertly sealed using GORE-SEAM® tape, flame-resistant, liquid-resistant zippers and GORE® Tenara® sewing thread which is UV, weather and chemical resistant.

Another important attribute is Comfort.
Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabric technologies make it the most comfortable to wear during vigorous activity and for extended use. Garments made with this outstanding fabric allow the body to 'breathe', so sweat can evaporate through the GORE® membrane. The body sweats to release heat, and when sweat evaporates your body is cooled. Rainwear garments made with GORE-TEX are highly breathable, allowing the continual evaporation of sweat providing superior comfort. Rainwear made using coated fabrics are far less breathable than uncoated laminates while PVC rainwear offers very little breathability if any at all, and will very quickly have the wearer sweltering inside.

Lower cost competitive garments generally don’t have the ability to add optional features, embellishments and/or customization.
Often low cost rainwear is mass produced at off-shore factories and imported for re-sale, unlike our products which are all manufactured in Canada. Competitive garments commonly are not manufactured to the same high quality standards Lac-Mac adheres to. Lac-Mac performance technical rainwear delivers far more than just a waterproof, windproof, breathable garment!

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