About Lac-Mac

Manufacturing & Quality Systems

Expect products which deliver the best quality and performance when you choose the most knowledgeable manufacturer, lac-mac.

Our depth of knowledge and expertise gives us the ability to assess and evaluate performance ensuring we meet or exceed customer expectations for qualtiy and level of service.

Lac-Mac is Quality System Registered to ISO 9001.


We hold a Medical Device Manufacturing Designation which is Approved by Health Canada and the United States F.D.A.

Assurance & confidence
Our customers can have assurance and confidence in our delivery and quality promises with our monitored on-time tracking systems, in-house laboratory for testing of products and components and continuous fabric inventory reporting systems.

Made in Canada
Retaining production in North American allows us to control quality and continually improve lead times. Our in-house product engineering group can custom-design and develop new sample proto-types within an on average 2 day turnaround time.

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