Chemical Protective Garments

Features & Benefits

Lac-Mac protective garments made with gore® chemical splash fabric provide a barrier to several inorganic and organic liquid challenges.

Our line of Chemical Splash Protection made from GORE® Chemical Splash FabricS offer the following benefits:

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  • Resists penetration of many liquid chemicals
    (refer to the Technical Data and Application Guide)
  • Breathability reducing heat stress and improves productivity.
  • Tough, durable 3-layer laminate provides long lasting garment life.
  • Seams sealed with GORE-SEAM® Tape providing overall penetration resistance.
  • Seams sewn using chemically resistant, thermally stable GORE® Tenara® Sewing Thread.
  • NFPA 1992 compliance assures quality and performance.
  • Washable and reusable decreases cost.
  • Light weight, comfortable and breathable improving usage and worker safety.

Combining safety and comfort with GORE® Chemical Splash FabricS

When working with corrosive liquid chemicals, you need to be protected against chemical splashes.

The right protective garment assists in reducing worker injury and minimizes the risk for accidental skin contact with chemicals. Choosing protective garments made with GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric provides exceptional liquid splash protection without sacrificing comfort, meaning workers won’t resist wearing them. Garments made from this unique fabric provide the wearer time necessary to exit the area and follow emergency protocols in case of an accidental splash with a dangerous chemical.

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Clothing made from this outstanding fabric allows the body to 'breathe,' sweat can evaporate through the GORE® membrane, providing relief from heat stress.
Heat stress can be a serious problem. In some cases, heat stress may be even more dangerous that the chemical itself. To release heat, your body sweats, and when the sweat evaporates your body is cooled. Protective garments made with GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric are breathable, allowing the continual evaporation of sweat, providing relief from heat stress. Because these protective garments are lightweight and comfortable, they can be worn for an entire shift without excessive overheating. The key to the superior performance found in protective garments made with GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric is their ability to be both breathable and provide liquid chemical penetration resistance.

When selecting chemical splash protective clothing look for garments that are certified to the NFPA 1992 standard.
Durability, tear resistance, water and stain repellency are attributes of high quality manufactured garments. These can be important elements when working with dangerous and life threatening chemicals. Also, choose product made by an experienced manufacturer who has an understanding of the complexity involved in manufacturing protective garments with a commitment to achieving the highest level of quality. For example, special attention is given to areas such as seams which are vulnerable to chemical penetration. Garments made with GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric are sewn using GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread, a specially designed thread which is thermally stable and chemically resistant, preventing seams from failing during a chemical splash incident. Additionally, look for garments featuring seams which are sealed using GORE-SEAM® tape, which provides a robust system against liquid penetration.

It's important that you select a certified NFPA 1992 garment for liquid splash protection.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard sets minimum levels of performance requirements for the garment material, seams, closures and the full garment design. Safety features, such as flame resistance and high-visibility (ANSI 107 and CSA Z-96) are additional options beyond the NFPA standard that can be incorporated where necessary. Before deciding on any protective garment for use in a chemical protection application, it is best to consult a trained safety or industrial hygiene professional. It’s necessary to understand the limitations of garments used for liquid splash protection. For instance, garments made with GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric are not appropriate for use where vapor protection is required.


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